Technology of Desalination

The process of removing salt from sea water

Questions to be answered
• What is the Cost to purify 1 litre?
o Current cost
o Projected cost
• what is the Volume of water that can be purified by this method
• Can this technology be Integration into existing programs in the middle east
• what is the Technical Level of Readiness - how far along is the technology: R&D, prototyping, small scale, large scale, industrial scale
• What (if anything) is preventing the technology from being used right now? Is there some specific challenge that needs to be overcome?
• Are there existing metrics for estimating cost, volume… Are there already ways of measuring this?


2004 SSP Report -

The 2011 Global Water Awards: desalination. This document is great. The units are in cubic meters per day (m3/d). Look for the biggest contract in the world in Saudi Arabia. It is of 1 037 000 m3/d.
Also a possible paradigm shift through new techniques of osmosis.
The four winning companies are: Biwater, Doosan, IDE Technologies and Modern Water. These are all international companies and have gotten contracts all over the world.

Technology on Cleaning Water and Desalination - See Sharepoint / TP Fresh Water / Info / Technology on Cleaning Water and Desalination


Example 1
Boughton, J.M., 2002. The Bretton Woods proposal: an indepth look. Political Science Quarterly, 42(6), pp.564-78.
This paper talks about recent advances in remote sensing in hydrology in the US (Cam D.)

Example 2
Chittenden, M., Rogers, L. and Smith, D., 2003. Focus: ‘Targetitis ails NHS. Times Online, [online]1 June. Available at: <> [Accessed 17 March 2005].
This paper describes how to achieve environmental objectives of water use (Laura R.)

Example 3
Royal Commission on civil liability and compensation for personal injury, 1978. (Pearson Report) (Cmnd. 7054) London: HMSO.
This paper describes the legality of water use in Somalia (Allie A)

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