This is a report by a private consulting firm, it's about how IRaq can deal with its problems in the tigris euphrates

Here is an article about the water issue in Iraq. I did not read it and it looks long.

UNEP project to help manage and restore the Iraqi Marshlands Iraqi Marshlands Observation System (IMOS)


  1. People

  • 2005 : new constitution Iraq is a federal state and not a unitary state.

  • Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR):

  • developing and implementing riparian agreements;
  • maintaining relations with relevant international water management bodies.

  • No water-pricing policy and metering system.

  • Role of traditional and customary water management system.

  1. Health

  • Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR):

  • conducting research and studies.

  • Absence of a market-based water-pricing policy and metering system.

  • Ministry of Municipality and Public Works (MoMPW):

  • for water and sanitation.

  • 2007 National Development Strategy (NDS):

  • reclaiming the major water resources.

  1. Agriculture

  • Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR):

  • determining-allocating water resources for irrigation project, industry, and domestic use;
  • dredging rivers, canals, and drains.

  • Provincial Power Act (2008):

  • to support agricultural and irrigation services at the district level.

  • 2007 National Development Strategy (NDS):

  • operating and maintenance of existing works.

  1. Industries

  • 2007 National Development Strategy (NDS).

  1. Water Management

  • 1946: Neighborly Relation Agreement.

  • Gave the right to Iraq to construct dams on Turkish soil to improve management.

  • 1980: Joint Technical Committee between Iraq and Turkey.

  • Dismissed.

  • GAP (Güneydogu Anadolu Projesi).

  • Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR):

  • managing surface and groundwater resources;
  • constructing and operating dams, reservoirs, and various water-related infrastructures.

  • No water-pricing policy and metering system.

  • 2007 National Development Strategy (NDS):

  • water storage capacity + water collection.

  1. Miscellaneous

  • International watercourse (Iraq and Syria) or transboundary river (Turkey).
  • Key interests:

  • food;
  • energy;
  • security;
  • power;
  • civil society stability;
  • economic development.

  • Turkey’s struggle to become part of the European Union + needs external funding in order to finish GAP.

  • Syria + Iraq: need funding and technical support.

  • Convention of the United States on Transboundary Waters (1997)

  • 90% of Iraq’s water-dependent needs are met by surface water and 80% of this water flow comes from its three neighboring countries.