Fresh Water Technology

  1. Monitoring: technologies used to measure the quantity and quality of water, large-scale testing, data access and how to deliver data to the policy-makers/politicians
    1. Space: current satellites that monitor water from space, future satellite technologies, quality and quantity, data fusion from multiple satellites: CAM, MIRELA, SILVIA, OUYANG, OLIVIER,
    2. Air: Aircraft and radiosonde; can we test water quality from the air? SILVIA, CAM
    3. Ground: water testing, maps of springs, aquifer, suggested technologies for use on ground, SABRINA, OLIVIER
    4. GRACE: obtain data from GRACE (and any other current mission) for our region, MISCHA
    5. Human Influence on Water cycle
      1. Atmospheric: cloud seeding, rain water collection, SABRINA
      2. Surface water: river diversion, damming, ocean, power, ALLIE
      3. Ground water: well drilling, extraction, aquifer depletion, SABRINA
      4. Distribution: water plants, pipe & truck distribute, reservoirs, YANG
      5. Waste recollection and disposal: pipe distribution, treatment facilities, evaporation or ocean dumping or aquifer pumping, YANG

  1. Manipulation:
    1. Recycling: what is in the water, what specific contaminants need to be removed from the water in order to make it useful for each
i. Physical & Chemical: GUOHUI, WENCAN, JINGYU
ii. Biological: DAWEI, LAURA
iii. Future and nano-technology: XIANG GUO
iv. Desalination: using distillation, reverse osmosis. Can use existing methods with electricity, but possibility for solar, wind and nuclear. Cost. KSENIJA, CHRISTOPHE, YANG XU
  1. Nature-aided: use of aquifers to purify water, ALLIE, LAURA
  2. Water Transport and storage: WEIMIN ZHANG, JOSE
  3. Testing: inexpensive testing methods for purified water, LINFENG, KAI CHEN

Questions to be Answered by this sub-group:

What are the current technologies used for the monitoring of water quantity and quality, predominantly in the Middle East
What are the specific parts of the water cycle that are sensitive, particularly in the Middle East
What are the current and future methods of manipulating water (purifying, desalinating, etc), particularly in the Middle East.



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